Monday, June 8, 2009

Book Review: Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep

Queen's Edit:  The Eldest Princess will occasionally blog about the books she reads for our Royal Library's Summer Reading Program.  This is one such book.

The book I read today was Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep.  The author's name is Gail Carson Levine.  Some of the characters are Prince Melvin XX, Queen Hermione II, King Humphrey II, Princess Sonora, and Prince Christopher.  The book is mainly about when Princess Sonora was a baby she got a gift of being ten times as smart as any human in the world.  One day she pricked her finger on a spindle and she fell asleep for a hundred years.  Everybody that's not past the garden didn't fall asleep.  Prince Christopher from Kulornia came to save Princess Sonora.  He kissed her and she woke up.  Prince Christopher was curious so he asked Princess Sonora all the questions he had.  Since she was so smart she could answer them.  My favorite part was when Prince Christopher kissed Princess Sonora.  I would recommend this book to: my friends and other kids.  I give this book 10 Tiaras!

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  1. Well done, Princess. You certainly piqued my interest!

    Keep reading!
    Queen Mum