Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Letter to Very Loyal Subjects

Dear My Ladies, Lords, Duchesses, Princes, and Princesses,
         My apologies for not blogging in forever! I've had a very eventful year and here are just some updates:

One Big Shocker: I started Middle School this year, with all honors classes! (for those fifth graders nervous about going to Middle School, I am surviving!)

A Few Highlights of Last Year:

  • I have started to knit and very beautifully, in my opinion, and knitted finger less gloves
  • I read The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R Tolkien 
  • My mom went to the Re-Write conference in Austin Texas and her book proposal won a contest to get her book published by Tyndale Momentum, a Christian Publishing company. (They published Tony Dungy , Lex Luger, etc.)
  • My parents started a College Savings account for me, and it is growing (that I know of.)
 Thanks for being loyal to my blog, O' Faithful Subjects!
P.S: I will try to post every weekend