Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Princess' Myth of "Siadiavyn"

The Princess Eldest is happy to present her myth she wrote for her Language Arts Class. 

My granddaughter Diana and I are sitting in a meadow filled with beautiful daisies. “Oh these daises are beautiful Grandma, will you tell me how they were made?” Diana said. I said, "Well, it all happened long long ago . . .

Once when the gods ruled the lands, there was a beautiful young maiden named Siadiavyn who had a pale, white, complexion with long beautiful golden wavy locks that shimmered down to her waist. Siadiavyn always wore a satin green dress that dragged behind her as she walked. But her looks are not as nice as the inside of her heart. She was very vain of herself and thought she was better than anyone or anything. She also enjoyed playing hard to get with men, which one day made Siadiavyn have a horrific fate.

One day Siadiavyn was walking in a meadow picking up lovely Narcissus flowers and suddenly, out of the blue, a huge storm with lightning came upon her. Shelter was miles on end away and Siadiavyn could not do anything. All she did was stand and complain and weep about how dirty her lovely dress was getting. Then she saw Zeus flying on a lightning bolt through the sky. He stopped close to Siadiavyn and beckoned her to climb aboard.

“Beautiful young maiden,” Zeus said as soon as Siadiavyn was aboard the bolt of lightning, ”you are so lovely and when I saw you all alone weeping in the storm I thought you might need help so I stopped my noble lightning steed to help you. Oh maiden, won’t you tell me your name?”

Siadiavyn sat primly on the lightning bolt and said promptly, ” My name is Siadiavyn. And who are you ?”

Zeus said,” I am the great god Zeus. Oh, thy lovely Siadiavyn I know that we have just met ,but will you marry me?” Now we must remember Siadiavyn loved to play hard to get with men and she thought she might play that game for not long because she did not want to upset a great god.

Siadiavyn said, "No I will never marry a god as pathetic as you. Trying to sweep me off my feet hmm? A girl like me is too beautiful for a god. You call yourself great? Why don’t you look at yourself in a pond? Well I will never ever marry you EVER!!!!” Zeus screamed,” How DARE YOU insult a great god like me!! If I had known how vain you are I wouldn’t have asked anyway! In fact, you should be down there with Narcissus because you are so vain!!!!”

In a flash, Siadiavyn was down on the ground and a few seconds later Siadiavyn was a vain beautiful looking flower planted in the ground. This flower is now known as a daisy. . . . . .

"I also like to call it a vain daisy," said I. "Diana, do you have a pencil and paper?”

Diana says, "Here Grandma as she hands a pen and a piece of paper to me.” See, if you mix all the letters around in Siadiavyn it can also be vain daisy,” said I.

"Wow Grandma, I’ve never noticed that before,” Diana says, “Thank you for answering my question Grandma.”

I replied,” If you ask someone else the story of the daisy they might tell you differently. Just remember, be more creative than the dull boring way to do things. Also remember to not be vain or play hard do get with men like Siadiavyn or there usually will be a bad result.”